Friday, April 22, 2011

Elizabeth Catlett in the BX

There's so much buzz for Elizabeth Catlett's appearance at the Bronx Museum next Friday, April 29. Can't say she doesn't deserve it. To be 96-years old and still creating art is a wonderful thing. 

The exhibition, STARGAZERS: Elizabeth Catlett in Conversation With 21 Contemporary Artists is quickly becoming one of the Museum's more popular exhibits. Read the New York Times's April 14 article, or The Roots's article,, from April 15. As the rapper Common said in Terminator 4, "It's beautiful!"

The panel Bronx Talks: Elizabeth Catlett Panel Discussion (RSVP on Facebook) will be moderated by the exhibition's curator Isolde Brielmaier, and include artists Sanford Biggers, Elizabeth Catlett, Renee Cox and Xaviera Simmons (If Ms. Catlett by herself wasn't enough). Free event but please rsvp (pleeease).

A couple of weeks ago Ms. Catlett visited the Museum to speak with our Teen Council. More beauty --teenagers interacting with a nonagenarian. (Full disclosure: I had to look up "nonagenarian" --it's so rare I speak of people in their 90s). The teens snapped some pix and will run a longer piece is its future Muse pub. Click here for a pic preview.

As the date closes in I'll post updates on Facebook and Twitter, so follow!

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