Friday, June 10, 2011

Strongend at the Bronx Museum

FRIDAY NIGHT, June 10, 6:30-8:30pm
Bronx Talk: Bronx Stories

Tired of people who know little about our stories speaking for us? Come up to the Bronx Museum for Bronx Talk: Bronx Stories. It's a public program showcasing stories that are about the Bronx and that have been inspired by artworks in the Museum's exhibitions.

The goals of
Bronx Stories are fourfold: to challenge stereotypes about the Bronx and promote positive images of the borough; provide a platform for voices from the community and space for the community to come together; encourage deeper engagement with art; and to create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere in the Museum.

By telling our stories and listening to stories from different people, places, and times, we can rise above stereotypes and strengthen our community.

Free + Open mic + Refreshments = Good Times

SATURDAY AFTERNOON June 11, 4-6:00pm
The Kid In Me Exhibition Opening Reception

Talented young people exhibiting wonderful works of art. 

The Museum's Teen Council strives to make contemporary art and culture accessible to urban youth. It's structured around the production of MuseCasts, video podcasts available on youtube, and MuseZines, a graphic publication of original work and commentary, by a small group of high school students working closely with instructors in the Media Lab.

The Kid In Me Exhibit is on view June 9-19, 11am-6pm

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